Rural Imagination: What art means to me

Rural Imagination: What art means to me

By: Samson Hunckler, Artist & Educator PHHS

Art is a breath.  With art, I get to be challenged; I get to problem solve; I get to create.  There is a passion and obsession when it comes to art.  Art is certainly a way of life where the way I see and feel about the world around me can be conveyed on a piece of paper or canvas.  It’s a level of communication where I allow myself to say what I want to say, and I simultaneously allow myself to listen to the viewer’s response.  With art, I get to relive an experience as often as I choose.  I get to visit old friends and remember.  I get to connect and understand those around me.  Art allows me to grow.  It’s a life-long learning experience that is constantly evolving and shaping itself into something familiar.  I’m connected to art, and art is connected to me.  


Growing up “rural” means growing up with an active imagination.  Simple walks along the fields or into the woods created daylong adventures.  Laying on the grass watching the clouds pass could stretch minutes into hours.  Playgrounds were made out of trees; dandelions became bouquets, and the sound of the wind became whispers of a friend.  “Rural” and “imagination” become synonymous as you look back and remember just how long days can actually be, how breathtaking the sunset is painted, and how your shadow towered over the edge of the field.  Discovery, adventure, exploration, and repeat. 

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