Fall Creek Township, located in Central Indiana, is a unique place to live. Most people would describe our area with one word: rural. We well know that this slower, quieter rural lifestyle is often perceived by “city folk” as boring and uninspiring. But those of us who live and grow and create our lives here understand that it is exactly this openness of time and space that throws open the doors of our imaginations. Open fields give way to wandering. Old buildings pull our thoughts and themes to a time before. The mundane moonlights as medium. Creativity has room to stretch its legs.


And it is exactly this setting that is pulsing with talent and a thirst for more. 

The FCACC was established in 2020 to create a space to explore and express the wide-open, free-spirited “Rural Imagination.” We equip people with tools and opportunities to create and engage. We provide value for each citizen’s role in our creative democracy. The FCACC began because we believe arts and culture manifest when people are empowered

So what is the role of FCAC in our community?

  • Create space for expression and engagement throughout the community
  • Curate and commission public art 
  • Highlight our unique identity and distinct assets
  • Establish and coordinate arts initiatives and cultural events
  • Promote Fall Creek Township as an arts and cultural destination with a unique identity
  • Be an advocate for the area arts, cultural, and creative communities
  • Facilitate a collaborative atmosphere between all creative individuals and organizations in Fall Creek Township
  • Integrate arts and cultural placemaking into town development
  • Share resource opportunities
  • Develop educational programs for artists and the public and promote existing programs
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Provide entrepreneurial and/or business assistance for the arts
  • Coordinate a calendar of arts and cultural events/venues
  • Maintain a website and utilize social media for the promotion and marketing of the arts and culture in Fall Creek Township


The FCACC believes in the power of rural imagination in arts and culture and exists to engage, promote, and showcase the arts throughout Fall Creek Township.


FCACC envisions creating a vibrant and inclusive arts and culture community within Fall Creek Township. We will empower people to look at our rural assets as a unique opportunity for expression. We will listen, learn, and allow the arts to take up new spaces in our towns. We will continually work to bolster and connect a sustainable and relevant arts community. 

Strategic Objectives

FCACC aims to further the role of art and culture in our community by:

  • Commission public art 
  • Support artists and art initiatives
  • Create an authentic yearly program plan that includes various arts and cultural experiences that are community-centric.
  • Develop the criteria and apply for Arts and Cultural District status

Areas of Focus

  • Performing Arts
    • music, theater, comedy, dance, storytelling
  • Visual Arts 
    •  painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, graphic design, mixed media, printmaking, glass, computer art, decorative arts, ceramic arts, illustration, animation, conceptual art, mosaic, filmmaking, calligraphy, stained glass
  • Literary Arts 
    • books, poetry, speeches, readings, essays
  • Architecture & Landscape Arts 
    • historic architecture/renovations, landscape design, botanical arts
  • Makers
    • woodworking, metal-smithing, fine furniture building, textiles, folk art, fashion

Advisory Board

Founder/lead, Artist, business owner, arts organization experience, youth & community programming, marketing, web, and
design expertise

Pendleton business owner, Falls Park board president, arts advocate, business & legal expertise

Artist, PHHS Arts Dept., education/arts/graphic expertise

Artist, youth & community programming, marketing & writing expertise

Artist, Pendleton Artists Society liaison, marketing & design, and illustration expertise

Business owner, ASO board president, exp. w/ youth & community programming, marketing/writing/research/
graphics expertise

Local business owner, arts enthusiast, community volunteer, nonprofit board experience, finance and insurance expertise